Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walls as a Weapon of Choice

          Banksy, the Godfather of Street Art, was once quoted as saying that "A wall is a very big weapon.  It's one of the nastiest thing you could hit someone with."  No truer statement concerning Graffiti has ever been uttered, in my humble opinion.  
Walls are everywhere...  They comprise the environment we live in, and therefore are a perfect medium for the transfer of information.  Governments and corporations have been using them for centuries to promote their propaganda.  For the better part of the last three decades, Graffiti writers and artists have been [mostly] illegally reclaiming the urban environment to promote messages of a different kind, and have been provoking change in the way we perceive certain issues.  
The P.S.A. Project's goal is to do just that.
La Poderosa III hopes to hit you in the face with a "Reality" Wall.  
Don't Flinch!